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STUDYING ABROAD is making the experiences of a life time!

Study Abroad

Faculty Led Short-Term Travel

Come visit us by Appointment in Rhoads Hall Lounge and see where you can go!To make an Appointment please contact us via email.

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New for LLL majors and minors!

Students who are studying abroad with an LLL major or minor must sign a Study Abroad Contract with your LLL Advisor one semester prior to going abroad. Get this contract in our documents link or with your advisor!

What is study abroad?

Study abroad is a learning experience that takes place in another country where you earn credits towards your ISU degree for academic coursework completed successfully. Study abroad can also include internships, field work as well as different types of experiential learning offered as part of the program.

Study abroad is a serious undertaking. It is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Living in another country enables you to experience first-hand what you may only read about in your textbooks.

You will travel, meet new people, and see places you may have only dreamed about. When you study abroad you are learning both in as well as outside the classroom.

Why Study Abroad?

The top 5 reasons by ISU students

  • To learn about myself and become more independent
  • To learn about a new culture and have a completely new experience
  • To learn a new language
  • To have fun meeting new people through traveling
  • To build my resume and prepare myself for my career

When should I Study Abroad

As an ISU student you can study abroad after completing at least 24 credit hours, i.e. two semesters of study. The decision is really up to you. Much depends on your readiness both financially and emotionally as well as how you want the credits earned to apply (major, minor, general education?)

Many ISU students choose to study abroad as early as the summer following their freshman year.

First or second semester of your sophomore year is also a great time to study abroad.You can combine coursework in general education along with some introductory courses in your major or minor. Advisors are available to assist in making sure you have met the prerequisites for courses and also ensure that classes you plan on taking abroad will transfer to your degree.

CONSIDER THIS: NOT studying abroad is an opportunity missed to get a global education.Later on in life most people find it difficult to get away for a longer period of time. The college years offer the best time to go abroad. KEEP IN MIND THAT AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS YOU RECEIVE TO STUDY AT ISU CAN BE USED TO STUDY ABROAD. ALSO there are scholarships you can apply for just to study abroad!!!

Who We Are

Christine Strong
Director of Study Abroad

Kristi Barley
International Affairs Assistant Director Faculty Initiatives

Elinor Balensuela
Student Assistant- Academic Programs Abroad

Elinor is a Junior English major who is also pursuing a minor in creative writing. She studied abroad at Edge Hill University in the Spring of 2013. She is also involved in the music department at Indiana State, singing in two of the choirs.

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