Academic Programs Abroad

Getting Started


The adventure of a lifetime awaits and you can make it happen! Early planning and following these important steps will keep you on track and make the process go smoothly.

Step One:  Questions to consider when selecting a program and location for study.

Step Two:  Choosing a study abroad program.

Step Three Arrange an appointment with the study abroad coordinator by contacting Chris McGrew by email

Step Four: Meet with your advisor regarding course options and be sure to bring the Study Abroad Course Approval Form. Your list will include a number of class choices based on what is available on the website, but you will actually register for classes once you arrive overseas. If you do select a class abroad not on your list, it will be your responsibility to contact your advisor and Study Abroad Director with the changes. (See the Student Checklist to print the, "Study Abroad Course Approval Form")

*Note this form is essential and will be used by the Office of Student Financial Aid to calculate your eligibility!

Step FiveFinancial planning (budget sheet and scholarships).

Step SixDiscussion with other students and study abroad alumni.

Step Seven:  Passport and Visa.

Step Eight:  Address health and safety issues.  Be informed...not alarmed.

Step NinePre-departure orientation.

Step TenPack your bags!

 Student Checklist