All requests for additional space should be made to the Space Utilization Department, using the Request for Space Change Form   The Department Head, Dean/Director and Vice President’s office should be made aware of the request prior to submission of form.

The Space Utilization Department will review each request.  If further information is required, the person making the request will be contacted.  The department requesting the change will be notified of the outcome. 

Once the request has been approved, it is the responsibility of the requestor to contact Facilities Management to secure keys, check for any additional furniture needs, any cleaning or renovations and signage changes.  Telecommunications should be notified of any telephone moves necessary or data needs.

This form should also be used for occupant changes within a department or a change in room usage.

Once the form in complete, it should be forward to Laura David, Office of the Controller-Space Utilization, Parsons Hall Room 100.