Student Academic Affairs

Academic Probation Policy at ISU

The Undergraduate catalog defines academic probation and the retention standards students must meet in order to avoid academic dismissal. Click here to read the catalog section titled "Academic Standing - Requirements for Continued Enrollment."

You'll see that if you're on academic probation, you must meet retention standards based on your class standing in order to avoid academic dismissal at the end of the current term. For retention purposes, your class standing is based on the credits you will have earned at the end of this current term:

  • Freshmen (0-29 earned hours): To be retained, you must earn a term GPA greater than 1.7.
  • Sophomores (30-59 earned hours): To be retained, you must earn a term GPA 2.0 or higher.
  • Juniors and Seniors (60 or more earned hours): To be retained, you must earn a term GPA 2.2 or higher.

what if I am a first-term student?

First-term students who earn a term GPA of less than .85 will be dismissed immediately after their first term. There is no probation semester for first-term students if they earn less than a 0.85 term GPA.

If you're a first-term student (meaning, a first-time freshman at ISU), then you are receiving advisement from University College. Even if your major places you in the College of Arts and Sciences, University College dean Dr. Linda Maule serves as your academic dean and will make any academic decision relating to your records.

What do you mean, "term GPA"?

If you're on probation, you need to know the difference between two types of GPA:

  • Overall (or cumulative) GPA. This is your total GPA at ISU, including all classes you've taken here. Good Academic Standing and initial Academic Probation are determined by your overall GPA: if it's 2.0 or higher, you're in Good Academic Standing; if it dips below 2.0, you're placed on Academic Probation.
  • Term GPA. This is the GPA calculated for one specific term only, based solely on those individual grades. If you're already on Academic Probation, then Academic Dismissal is determined by the term GPA of your next enrolled term. In other words, you are given one chance to show that you can perform at retention-standard levels.

What does Probation (Dean's Option) mean?

If your academic status is listed as Probation (Dean's Option) or PD, then you were academically dismissed, reapplied for admission and petitioned to return after academic dismissal, and were permitted to return to your ISU studies under this special form of probation. Everything that applies to a student on academic probation also applies to you. In addition, you also have the added challenge of recovering from one (and possibly two) academic dismissals.

Can I Change My Major or Add a Minor While on Academic Probation?

Generally, no. You must return to good academic standing before a new academic department will accept you as their major or minor.

However, this does not mean that you should continue to take courses in a major in which you've already decided you cannot succeed. Feel free to contact the department of your desired major and find out which courses you should be taking; discuss your situation openly with your current academic advisor.