Student Academic Affairs


Change of Major 
To add, drop, or change your major, concentration, minor, and/or degree.
**Please note; changing your major, minor, concentration, and or degree, may affect your catalog year and DARS requirements.  We suggest you speak to your Academic Advisor about your interest to add/change/drop a major, minor, etc. before filling out this request.

Change of Catalog Year 

Return Following Academic Dismissal

Return to a fall term—August 1
Return to a spring term—December 1
Return to a summer term—May 1
No exceptions to these deadlines are allowed.

The Petition to Return Following Academic Dismissal must be submitted and approved to permit registration following an academic dismissal.  Students are encouraged to review the Academic Standing policy.

Grade Appeal
Students are urged to review the deadline date by which an appeal of a grade must be submitted. The Grade Appeal form must be filed in accordance with the grade appeal policy.

Transfer Course Review
Request re-evaluation of assigned transfer credits -- only for students who are College of Arts and Sciences majors. If your major is outside the College of Arts and Sciences, please check with your academic advisor.

Credit Hour Overload
Request to enroll in more than the maximum allowable credit hours in a term. University criteria:  3.0 cumulative GPA and entering final two semesters.

DARS Correction
Advisors should submit corrections for courses that are not counting in a requirement. i.e. CHEM352 was completed by taking CHEM352H but not showing as being completed on DARS.

Academic Renewal
For students who wish to renew their transcript and who have been inactive at ISU for at least 5 years.  

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award Request

Graduation Forms