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ASBAlternative Spring Break (ASB) is a student-driven national movement that creates opportunities for students to reach out to communities around the nation, fostering a lifelong commitment to citizenship and community engagement.

Since the first ISU students went on Alternative Spring Break to Jackson, Mississippi in 2004, hundreds of Sycamores have participated in a variety of Alternative Break projects throughout the United States. Outreach efforts have included working with youth, the elderly, environmental rehabilitation, wildlife relief, Gulf Coast clean-up, and minor home repair. Alternative Breaks give participants practical skills and knowledge as well as exposing them to many social and environmental issues in other areas of the country.

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ASB 2014 Service Trips

March 9 - 15, 2014
There are a limited number of spots on each trip – register today!

Freedom Foundation in Selma, AL:  The Freedom Foundation focuses on educating and empowering local youth. Many of their projects focus on building confidence and creating an environment that is receptive to learning about different cultures. While visiting Selma, ISU students will have the opportunity to work with the youth program and help with community clean-up and painting projects. Our students will also take part in Non-Violence Training and learn more about the significance of Selma, Alabama for the Civil Rights Movement.

Camp Restore in New Orleans, LA:  Camp Restore's mission is to restore faith, home and community. They coordinate projects in both construction as well as what we call Community Projects. For the construction projects, students will help to restore resident's homes who have yet to get home since Katrina. Community Projects volunteers get to see many different parts of the city and also meet a lot of people in different situations, with different stories. They have partnered with over seventy non- profits in the area and send volunteers to do different community projects every day.

Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary, Hubert, NC:  Possumwood is a 501(c)(3) non-profit center that exists solely on donations and grants, and the help of our dedicated volunteers. Their goal is to treat and release each animal and return them back to the wild. Many animals come to us due to conflicts with humans, such as being hit by cars, attacked by cats and dogs, or being taken away from their parents by well meaning but unknowing humans. They hold current state and federal licenses for wildlife rehabilitation, possession, and education.

Once Upon A Time in Maryville, TN:  Located in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains, the mission focuses on the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation, the environment, and rural Appalachia. A typical week involves two days in the Snowbird Cherokee community, one day in either the Cherokee National Forest or Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and one day homesteading at Once Upon A Time or volunteering at Sequoyah Museum. Service projects may include trail maintenance, gathering and splitting firewood, craft projects with senior citizens, and volunteer work with the local child development center.

SCORE International in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic:  This trip gives students the opportunity to do service while experiencing the culture of the Dominican Republic. Working with SCORE International, students will participate in service activities that include distributing food in Dominican Villages, working with school children and going to orphanages working with children. Because this trip requires a flight, your fundraising requirements are higher than the domestic trips.