NCAA Certification

Steering Committee

Daniel J. Bradley, President

D. Thomas Ramey, Vice President for Student Affairs

Ronald Prettyman, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Angela Lansing, Athletics Business Manager and Senior Women’s Administrator

Brad Balch, Dean, College of Education

Teresa Exline, Executive Assistant to the President (Chief Report Writer)

John McNichols, Head Men’s Track/Cross Country Coach

Richard Shagley, Trustee (through June 30, 2008)

Norman Lowery, Trustee

Jerry Einstandig, Indiana State University Foundation

Joseph Sanders, Program Coordinator and Professor of Accounting (Faculty Athletic Representative)

Blanche Evans, Professor, Physical Education (Chair, Academic Integrity Sub-Committee)

Jeff Edwards, Professor of Physical Education and Chairperson of Physical Education and Interim Chairperson of Athletic Training, (Chair, Equity and Student Athlete Well-Being Sub-Committee)

Diann McKee, University Budget Officer and Assistant Vice President of Business Affairs and Finance (Chair, Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance Sub-Committee)

David Wright, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, (Chair, Steering Committee)

Andi Myers, Director Emerita of Intercollegiate Athletics (NCAA Certification Consultant)

Leah Phillips, Student Athlete

Gina Atkins, Student Leader

Committee Support Staff

Debbi Jeffries, Executive Assistant, Student Affairs

Alan Wilson, Athletic Department Intern