Parking violation (ticket)

Parking Services do ensure that students, staff, and visitors have access to the parking spaces they pay for by providing consistent enforcement of all parking rules and regulations. The parking lots are patrolled by our Parking Services Community Service Officers.

How do I pay a Parking Violation?

If you receive a parking violation, it must be presented to the Parking Services office within 5 working days. You may pay the violation with either Cash, MC/Visa, or check, made out to Indiana State University. After 5 days of non-payment, the amount will be charged to your account and will need to be paid in the Controllers Office.

Parking Lot or No Permit violations are $25.00.

Handicap violation is $100.00

Yellow zone violation is $25.00

A vehicle will be booted and/or towed after it has accumulated 5 or more paid or outstanding parking violations. All parking violations fees owed and a $50.00 boot removal fee is must be paid in full to remove a boot within 48 hours. If vehicle is also towed, additional towing fees may be added.

Any attempt to move a booted/immobilized vehicle or remove the device may cause serious damage to the vehicle.

How do I appeal a Parking Violation?

The Parking Appeal must be writing and forms are available at the Parking Services Office at 210 N 6th Street or can be Filled out Printable Fom and Mailed to ISU Parking Services, 210 N. 6th Street, Terre Haute, IN  47809.

    Grounds for Appeal:

     Appeal only when you have valid reasons.  You should limit your appeals to those circumstances in which the parking ticket was issued in error and/or you did not commit a violation.

     If the facts show that you committed a violation of parking rules, your appeal will be denied, regardless of the reason or excuse for committing the violation.

     Your personal opinion that the parking rules are unfair or that there is insufficient parking on campus is not a legitimate basis for appeal.

     Tickets must be appealed within five (5) working days of the date appearing on the ticket.  Requests for appeal made after five (5) working days will not be accepted.

    The Appeals Committee meets once a month if needed. The decision of the committee is final and a violation may not be re-appealed unless significant new evidence or proof is submitted. You will be notified of their decision by mail.

    Examples of appeal reasons that will NOT be waived:

    Lack of knowledge of the regulation.

    Lost the citation.


    Parking only for a short period of time.

    Had flashers on.

    The meter could not have been expired more than a couple of minutes.

    I had too much to carry to park in the lot.

    Inability to find a legally marked parking space.

    Had the wrong permit for the space used.

    Failure to obtain a temporary permit.

    Did not see a parking sign.

    There were other cars parked improperly (“everyone else was doing it”).

    I did not receive the ticket on my vehicle.

     It is the responsibility of each member of the University Community to read, understand, and abide by the parking regulations.  Ignorance of the regulations is not an acceptable reason for appeal of a ticket.