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Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana State University’s Wireless Network

  1. What does it mean to say that the campus is "wireless"?
    The wireless network at Indiana State University allows laptop computers and some Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to connect to the campus network using wireless/radio frequency technology rather than by the traditional Ethernet card. The wireless network supports the 802.11b/g. The campus wireless network does not support cellular technologies.

  2. Does/will the wireless network replace the wired network?
    No. The wireless network is offered as an added service, primarily for laptop users. The wireless network is connected to the wired network at designated locations throughout the campus. The wired network will offer performance speeds beyond the capabilities of the wireless network. Desktop systems will use the wired network. Use of the wireless network is entirely optional.

  3. Where can I use wireless?
    As of August 2013, all academic Buildings and residence halls are wireless. Additionally the outdoor areas at Dede plaza and Memorial Stadium.

  4. How does the wireless network work?
    Devices called "access points" (AP's) are installed at various locations on campus. These access points are connected to the wired network. A wireless card, similar to an Ethernet card is installed in your laptop. Some laptops come with this wireless card already built in. The wireless card in your laptop uses radio frequencies to communicate with the access point, and through it to the campus network and the Internet.

  5. Are students/faculty/staff required to use the wireless network?
    No. Use of the wireless network is completely optional. It is provided as an additional method of connecting to the Indiana State University network.

  6. Why would I want to use the wireless network?
    The advantage of the wireless network is that it provides mobility. Using a wireless card in your laptop allows you to access the ISU network from locations that do not have traditional network connections, such as common areas, lounges and the outdoors. It can be used while doing research in the library. It can be used to connect to the network during a meeting in a conference room or from a classroom if these locations are within reception range.

  7. Do I have to purchase special equipment to access the wireless network?
    Yes. You need to purchase a wireless card for your laptop to connect to the wireless network, or you need to make sure you purchase a laptop with an internal wireless card meeting the 802.11b/g specification. The Office of Information Technology currently recommends wireless network cards from the following vendors: The minimum requirement is a 802.11b/g adapter that supports the WPA or WPA2 enterprise standards. Sponsored guest minimum requirement is 802.11b/g. Our network supports in most locations 802.11a/b/g/n standards.

    Personal wireless access points are not permitted on campus as they can interfere with functioning of the campus wireless network. If you have questions about the wireless network or how to connect you are encouraged to visit the Computer Support Center located in the basement of Stalker Hall or contact the Help Desk at 237-2910.

  8. Should I purchase a wireless card or a 10BaseT Ethernet card?
    Most laptops come with built-in wireless and an Ethernet port. If you do have to purchase a wireless or Ethernet card for your computer, you are encouraged to visit the Computer Support Center located in the Student Computing Complex. They can assist you in determining the what that will best suit your needs.

    The ISU campus is now fully wireless including all residence halls, so having a wireless connection in your laptop will allow you access in all locations on campus. If you will be using your laptop exclusively in areas covered by the wireless network, and you plan to primarily use desktop applications, email and web browsing, a wireless card may be appropriate.

  9. Can I use wireless from home?
    No. Campus wireless is only available while on campus. To use the wireless adapter off campus will require an access point and an internet connection.

  10. How do I install wireless on my laptop?
    The following installation instructions are provided to you in Adobe PDF format.

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