HMSU offers a myriad of ways to advertise your events that are occurring in the Union. Each one has their own distinct procedures and we have provided that information in more detail below.

To ensure respect and appreciation for the donors who have made the Student Union a reality, please use these guidelines in all of your promotional material.

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A. HULMAN MEMORIAL STUDENT UNION or HMSU is the official name of the facility.

B. The correct format to use when describing events in the Dede Activity Center should be upper and lower case letters and roman numerals (i.e. Dede I, Dede II, or Dede III) and should include “in Hulman Memorial Student Union”.

C. Events outside by the fountain should be advertised as Dede Plaza.

D. Events occurring in the Commons should be referred to as the Hulman Memorial Student Union Commons.



Banner space may be reserved through Conferences & Event Services at 237-3817 or to showcase and promote events. Banner should be dropped off to room 222 two days prior to their installation.

Banners must be picked up in room 222 within two days after the event has taken place or HMSU will discard.

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The use of chalk to advertise your event must adhere to the following guidelines.

Chalking is not allowed on the brick paver walkways.  You do not have to make reservations to chalk but you must follow these guidelines.

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Digital Signage:                                                                              TV


HMSU has four digital signage TV’s located throughout the Union. There are two touch screens located in the Main Vestibule and the North Entrance and two flat panel TV’s located in the Commons and the Sycamore Banquet Center. All four screens can display flyers to advertise the details of the event.  Email flyers to

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Display Cases:

If you would like to advertise your event in the locked display cases on the first floor of HMSU, contact Freda Luers at 812-237-3830


display case 

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Easels or Floor Stands:

An easel can be placed in close proximity to your event location for advertising purposes on the day of the event only. To reserve an easel contact Conferences & Event Services at 237-3817 or email to 

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A. POSTER HANGERS: In an effort to reduce the number of easels, which can potentially be a trip hazard, we have installed silver poster hangers throughout the building to display signs that advertise events taking place in HMSU. They hold paper very nicely and the clips open to accommodate foam core boards. Contact Conferences & Event Services at either 812-237-3817 or

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Commons Posters:


Fliers can be posted in the Commons by the southwest entrance on the booth backs where Velcro has been installed. Poster space can be reserved by calling Conferences & Events Services and should follow the guidelines listed below:

Bulletin Boards:

There are four bulletin boards on the columns located in the center area of the Commons and two large L-shaped built-in bulletin boards located at the north and northeast entrances on the ground floor of the Union. You do not need to reserve space in order to place your fliers on the bulletin board but the following guidelines should be followed when posting fliers:

For your reference, posting procedures are displayed on each bulletin board.

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Table Tents:

When occasions arise when campus organizations/departments want to place table tents in the HMSU Commons, a request must be placed with ISU Dining Services at 237-7618.

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