Indiana state university council on diversity

Co-Chair (Ex-officio voting members) – Joshua Powers, Special Assistant to the Provost and Professor of Educational Leadership

Co-Chair (Ex-officio voting members) – Elonda Ervin, University Diversity Officer

SGA Graduate Student Representative -- Sowmya Challa, Graduate Student

SGA Graduate Student Representative – Anupama Byrappa Ramalinga, Graduate Student

SGA Undergraduate Student Representative – Alexus Tucker, ISU Board of Trustees

SGA Undergraduate Student Representative – Nicholas Utterback, SGA President

Support Staff Representative -- Martha Reed, Administration Assistant I, Career Center

Faculty Representative -- Rhonda Impink, Associate Professor Social Work

Faculty Representative – David Dominguese, Assistant Professor, Applied Medicine & Rehabilitation

Faculty Representative – Eliezer Bermudez, Associate Professor, Environmental Health

Community Member -- Jeff Lorick, Director, City of Terre Haute Human Relations Commission

Community Member – Charles Lockett, Warden, U.S. Penitentiary

Community Member – Charles Hawkins, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Community Member – Marvin Pitt, Executive Assistant, Federal Correctional Complex

Community Member – Tyler Ervin, Federal Bureau of Prisons

At-large appointment – Marlene Lu, Office Assistant, ISU Blumberg Center

At-large appointment – Maria Chaqra, Assistant Director, International Programs & Services

At-large appointment – Petulia Blake, Doctoral Research Assistant, Human Resource Development & Industrial Training

At-large appointment – Ethan Strigas, Associate Professor, Recreation & Sports Management

At-large appointment – William Mercier, Chief, Public Safety

Ex-Officio Member -- Sheila Johnson, Director of Affirmative Action

Ex-Officio Member – Tami Weinzapfel-Smith, Human Resources Director