Keynote Speakers

Spring 2014 Department of Biology Seminar Series

“From Molecules to Ecosystems”
All seminars begin at 4pm in S214*
(cookies at 3:30)

* Some seminars will begin at 7pm, please check the schedule for time and location.

Date Speaker
21 January Diversity in Science Speaker - Science Hall 214,
Dr. Gerardo Camilo, St. Louis University,
"How to be a Bad Mother, Optimally: Coevolution in the Bolivian Lowlands."
28 January University Speaker - 7pm University Hall,
Dr. Elaine R. Mardis, University of Oklahoma,
"Next Generation Cancer Genomics"
4 February TBA
11 February TBA
18 February TBA
25 February Darwin Day Speaker - 7pm Science Hall 012,
Dr. James Gibbs, State University of New York College,
"Application of Evolutionary Biology and Phylogenetics to Conservation Biology"
4 March Ms. Lily Arias Chauca, ISU - Science Hall 214,
"Use of Stable Isotopes to Assess Latitudinal and Altitudinal Bat Migration"
10 March Spring Break
18 March Tri-beta Speaker - Science Hall 214,
Dr. Kevin Kinney, DePauw University,
"The Brain, Inflamed, and Changes under Strain."
25 March Robert MacArthur Speaker - Science Hall 214,
Dr. Scott Turner, State University of New York College,
"Homeostasis, Adaptation and the Problem of Biological Design."
1 April Additional Speaker - Science Hall 214,
Dr. Steven Templeton, University of Iowa,
"Judging a spore by its cover: recognition of fungal germination drives host immunity to Aspergillus fumigatus."
8 April Women In Science Speaker - Science Hall 214,
Dr. Lisa McGraw, North Carolina State University,
"Uncovering the Neurogenomic Architecture of Sociosexual Behaviors"
15 April Dr. Steve Aldrich, ISU - Science Hall 214
"What GIS can tell us about ecosystem change: Finding the fractal break in the Amazon Land War"
22 April Earth Day Speaker - 7pm University Hall,
Joel Greenburg,
"Echoes of the Their Wings: The Passenger Pigeon and Its Legacy"