Center for Student Success

Mentoring for Academic Success


Program Objectives

The primary goal of this program is to assist first year students so that they may benefit from additional support, encouragement, and services. Through Mentoring for Academic Success, staff members of the Center for Student Success are informed weekly of students’ progress in classes and are provided information concerning how well the student is adjusting to University life. Students who encounter difficulties are provided the necessary assistance to resolve the problem(s).

Program Description

The Mentoring for Academic Success Program provides additional academic support to students enrolled in the ISU Academic Opportunity Program (AOP), to students enrolled in the Exploratory Studies Program (ESP), to students who are 21st Century Scholars, and to veterans of military service.  Students who participate will be paired with an upper classman or graduate student for monitoring academic progress. Mentors will meet weekly with students to facilitate the development of skills for college success, such as time management, note taking, and test taking. A mentor also serves as a referral source when other services are needed. Student can develop realistic educational goals as well as specific semester goals with the assistance of a mentor. Student’s mentors submit weekly reports updating progress toward attaining these goals.

Benefits of Participation

Program evaluation data indicates students who participate in mentoring programs on a consistent basis achieve higher levels of academic success than those who do not. Mentoring programs provide first year students with a unique opportunity to develop positive relationships with more experienced students in which knowledge, advice and guidance are imparted to the student. Furthermore, students gain confidence in their abilities as a result of the additional encouragement and are better prepared to meet the challenges of academic life.


When students meet with their mentors for the first time, they will be required to sign the Student Mentoring Contract. This contract states that the student will provide certain information about school to the mentor. If at anytime students fails to cooperate with the mentor (or the guidelines of the mentoring contract), they will have to speak with the mentoring coordinator.

Ashley Gard
Coordinator, Mentoring
202C Gillum Hall
Terre Haute, IN 47809