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Workplace Professional Skills Certificate

The Workplace Professional Skills Certificate is designed to train Indiana State University students in professional workplace skills that will benefit them in their student employment positions as well as their internships and future professional employment. This model ensures that students who complete the program have received supplemental training applicable to the demands of the job market. Students will be able to address topics such as professional customer service, diversity training, sexual harassment prevention, confidentiality and communication skills. To receive the certificate, students will complete five required modules and and 10 elective modules through Sycamore eLearning powered by SkillSoft. Students are also required to complete a minimum of 300 hours of student employment with one department in order to qualify for the certificate.

Completion Benefits

  • Workplace Professional Skills Certificate awarded by the ISU Career Center.
  •  Opportunity to list program completion on resume and Co-Curricular Record.
  •  Eligible for pay increases for on campus positions.
  •  Online certificate program to be completed at your own pace.
  •  Enhanced professional skills attractive to future employers.

Required Courses


(Students must complete a minimum of 10 modules from the modules below. It is recommended each student work with their supervisor in identifying which topics would be most beneficial.)


ISU SkillSoft Program will be used to track completion of activities.


Registration Form

To register for the Workplace Professional Skills Certificate, please complete the registration form. You will be sent follow up information about how to begin your certificate program.

First Name:  
Last Name:  
Sycamore Email Address:  
Alternate Email Address:
Cell Phone Number:
Are you currently employed on campus?  
If yes, by which department are you currently employed?  

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about the ISU Career Center Workplace Professional Skills Certificate. If you have additional questions not addressed in this document or in our overview, please feel free to contact us at (812) 237-5000;

  • Why is completing the Workplace Professional Skills Certificate of benefit to me?
    • Employers who recruit students consistently tell us they are looking for students who possess professionalism and maturity, as well as a realistic understanding of workplace expectations. This certificate will show employers your commitment to your professional development and will prepare you to be competitive in the job market on campus and after graduation. On campus employers will often tie raises in student wages to the completion of the certificate program.
  • Can I put this on my résumé and Co-Curricular Record?
    • Yes! Any student who completes the certificate program should highlight this accomplishment on their résumés and be prepared to talk about the benefits of the program in interviews. The certificate achievement will also be noted on your co-curricular record.
  • How long does it take to complete the Workplace Professional Skills Certificate?
    • The certificate program is designed to be self-paced. A student can complete all of the items within three semesters. All items need to be completed before your graduation date.
  • Is there a penalty for not completing the program?
    • While there is no penalty for not completing the certificate, please contact us if you decide you no longer wish to be involved.
  • Can I complete the program during my working hours?
    • If your supervisor agrees, the certificate modules can be completed during your working hours.
  • Can I participate in the program if I do not have a job on campus?
    • You can begin the program before having a job on campus however; you must have a job on campus before the certificate can be awarded due to the 300 hour student employment experience requirement.
  • I have two jobs on campus can my hours at both jobs count towards the 300 hour student employment experience requirement?
    • No. The 300 hours need to be with the same job to be counted.
  • What is Sycamore eLearning?
    • Sycamore eLearning is the E-Learning Campus website powered by Skillsoft which provides cloud based learning solutions for ISU student, faculty, and staff.
  • How do I log into Sycamore eLearning?
    • • Login to MyISU.
    • • Select “MyISU Apps” located at the bottom of the page.
    • • Select the “Sycamore eLearning” badge
  • Where can I find the Workplace Professional Skills Certificate Program in Sycamore eLearning?
    • After you have registered for the program, you will be enrolled into the course. You can find the program by selecting My Plan on the left hand side. The modules for the course will be listed in your Assigned Folder.
  • I am a supervisor on campus and I would like to see the modules my student(s) has completed?
  • I started a module but I need to leave, can I pick up where I left off?
    • Yes. There is a bookmark function that will save your location in the module.
  • How will I know when a module has been completed?
    • When you have completed all of the requirement items for the module a green circle will appear next to the title of the course.
  • I am a supervisor at ISU and I would like to suggest a module to be included as an elective for the Workplace Professional Skills Certificate Program for the students employed in my area. How can I include it?
    • We invite supervisors to submit potential modules to the Career Center for consideration. Submit your request to us at (812) 237-5000; and will evaluate all requests and confirm inclusion.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm  A 231 North 6th Walkway

P 812.237.5000   TF 888.892.6044   F 812.237.4392