Frequently Asked Questions

Indiana State University MSPAS Program

1. I submitted my CASPA application before completing all prerequisite coursework. When I complete the outstanding course(s), where should I send my final transcript?

You will need to request an official transcript be sent directly to Indiana State University’s PA Program. If we do not receive an official note of the courses completion, your application will be processed as ‘incomplete.’

PA PROGRAM, Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation
Student Services Building, Room 201
567 North 5th Street
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809

2. Does Indiana State University accept community college credits?

Yes, but you want to be sure the course you intend to take will meet the requirements of the program here at ISU. If a lab is to coincide with a course, verify a lab exists and that you’re enrolled in a section of the lab.

3. Can I work and be in Indiana State University’s PA Program?

Our program is a full-time program. We cannot force you not to work but it is HIGHLY recommended, due to the intensity of your schoolwork that you do not work. In addition to program coursework, you will also be required to participate in mentoring meetings, hospital seminars, continuing education, etc.; all which may fall outside your usual class times.

4. How many students will be admitted to Indiana State University’s PA Program?

Every January, thirty students will be admitted into our program.

5. What do your class averages look like for your program, regarding both GPAs and GRE scores?

This year, all admitted students had above a 3.0 GPA ("strong" applicants have a GPA 3.4 and above), with the sum of their quantitative and qualitative GRE scores equating to around 1000. The GRE scoring system has recently changed (beginning of January 2011) so your scores, may not be comparable to those noted above.

6. How can I improve my chances of admittance into the ISU PA program?

The admission team is seeking mature individuals who can handle the academic rigor, have leadership qualities, a sense of self, want to be a PA and understand some of what that means. To augment application materials, students should make sure they have all the prerequisites, consider obtaining some health care experience and demonstrate well rounded experiences through community engagement or other public service type activities. Great GPAs and GRE results will help. Articulately express yourself in the written narrative. Choose your references wisely. We recommend your references represent a range of persons. In addition to the application, we will be conducting interviews which will be another way to shine.

7. Can the PA student complete clinical rotations anywhere in Indiana?

ISU PA students may complete clinical rotations anywhere in Indiana or central Illinois. The rotation sites and preceptors must be approved by ISU-PA and have signed an affiliation agreement. We anticipate that students may choose to complete some rotations close to home or in areas where they have contacts in the medical community. Regardless of clinical rotation site, all students will be required to report back on the ISU campus for class at the end of the clinical rotation, so students should expect to travel.

8. I would love to visit your campus and learn more about the program. Would that be possible?

Absolutely! We can work with you to arrange a visit. Please contact us by email to arrange a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

9. What kind of experience is preferred for entrance to the program?

Students are encouraged to obtain direct patient experience prior to applying to the ISU PA Program.  Direct patient contact is defined as, but not limited to, shadowing with mid-levels or physicians, phlebotomy, nurse aide, medical assistant.  While a specific amount of hours is not required, it is to the advantage of the applicant to have healthcare experience.