Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Program requests submitted for state approval

STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE: The following academic degree programs have been submitted for approval before the Indiana Commission on Higher Education (ICHE) as required by Indiana Law (IC 21-18-9-5).

Programs listed meet the criteria for ICHE submission and have been approved by the Indiana State University Board of Trustees. Data presented here is in compliance with the Financial Transparency in Public Higher Education requirements set forth in HEA 1004-2011, and as codified within (IC 5-14-3.6-3).


Degree Title BOT Approval Date Summary Documentation ICHE Approval Date
Master of Social Work 5/6/11 ICHE Application 8/12/11
B.S. Engineering Technology 5/6/11 ICHE Application 10/14/11
Ph.D. Educational Administration   Documentation 2/10/12
M.S. Technology Management 5/6/11 ICHE Application 2/10/12
B.S. Civil Engineering 5/6/11 ICHE Application 3/9/12
D.H.Sc. Health Sciences 5/6/2011 ICHE Application 10/19/12
M.S. Occupational Therapy 5/6/11 ICHE Application 6/10/11
Doctor of Physical Therapy 12/18/2009 ICHE Application 3/12/2010
M.S. Physician Assistant Studies 12/18/2009 ICHE Application 2/12/2010
Doctor of Nursing Practice 12/18/2009 ICHE Application 3/12/2010
Certificate in Safety Management 12/13/13 ICHE Application 1/16/14
Certificate in Genomic Advocacy 5/3/13 ICHE Application 10/17/13
BAS Health Services and Technology 5/3/13 ICHE Application

Approval Letter
Doctor of Athletic Training 5/2/14 ICHE Application

Approval Letter
Architectural Engineering Technology B.S. 10/10/14 ICHE Application

Approval Letter